Managed SDWAN

connect | secure | optimise

Transport and provider agnostic SDWAN manages multiple links for better availability, utilisation and redundancy.

VPN tunnels are automatically created across locations for creating a secure overlay network.

Multi-Active, Always ON, Multi-Path, Sub-Second Failover.

DNS Firewall, Layer 7 Firewall, IDS/IPS, Web Filtering

Geography based block lists

Reputation blocklists from multiple reputed sources.

Central Web Access Control with Charcoal. 

ISP is usually indifferent to your business needs & drops traffic randomly to keep your bandwidth within allotted speed.

Hopbox optimizes your network by prioritising traffic, blocking/throttling wasteful traffic, segregating high-priority and bulk traffic on separate links.

Multi-Active VPN tunnels with sub-second failover

FEC to reduce packet loss on VPN over lossy links

DNS Firewall as additional line of security


  • Internet traffic is not back-hauled to the Hub
  • E-Mail, GV Redemption, Loyalty, WebDB, Free WiFi etc go directly to the Internet
  • Only Enterprise Traffic (ERP, RDP, VNC etc) uses Hub Internet bandwidth
  • Minimal incremental bandwidth required at Hub with each new Spoke
  • Hub is no more a single point-of-failure
  • Network Access & Security Policies applied at each Spoke
  • Preconfigured Plug-n-Play appliance to add new Spoke
  • Central dashboard to monitor health of all the locations
  • Central Web Access control powered by Charcoal

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