Efficient WAN Utilisation

Hopbox is Transport / Provider agnostic

Multiple links = Better Availability + Redundancy + multiple path opi

Best path detection:

  • continuous monitoring of jitter, packet loss, latency and bandwidth to public DNS for all
  • Destination based monitoring for critical tagged applications across links
  • We can also account for link costs while deciding on which link to use.
    Internet bound traffic is policy enforced and sent directly without backhauling to HO.


Fine-tuned controls allow for application specific requirements with support for multiple modes of
link management

  • weighted-balance,
  • priority
  • persistence
  • enforced
  • lowest latency first


Access & Security Policy Enforcement keep unwanted data heavy traffic from affecting business critical traffic.

SDWAN Algorithms

Weighted Balance

Outgoing traffic will be proportionally distributed according to the specified ratio. (e.g. 1:3:2)


Outgoing traffic will be routed through the healthy link that has the highest priority in the list. Lower priority links will only be used if the current connection fails.


Specified traffic type will be routed through the same connection persistently based on its source and/or destination IP addresses and/or ports. Traffic will keep routing on the same connection until the session ends. This mitigates session termination issue for HTTPS, E-banking, other secure websites and applications running over TLS/SSL.


Outbound traffic is restricted to a particular connection even if the link is up or down. Useful in scenarios where remote server accepts requests from a specific IP address only or a transient routing issues with other WANs to a certain destination.

Lowest Latency to Destination

Uses the fastest connection based on latency to the destination host. Latency is checked on each link for each destination requested periodically. New connections are sent through the lowest latency link thus identified for each destinations. Can be enabled for all destinations or for specific destinations like Google, Office365, *.gov.in, *.nic.in, *.gov etc. This is currently a WORK IN PROGRESS.

Link Quality Monitoring

WAN link quality can be monitored based on low and high thresholds for latency and packet loss.

Link is pulled down when the upper threshold is breached for either of the parameters and is brought up only when both the parameters come under lower threshold.